Building Inspection Report Melbourne

Building inspection reports are the reports of the overall inspection carried out on your building and all the damages and defects are mentioned in this which helps you initiating their repair work. Only major defects are mentioned in building inspection. All the tiny details are mentioned in the individual reports of each inspection.

The building inspection report is prepared by one of our experts and all the major defects of the building are mentioned that are detected during the inspection. Whole area is inspected and all the factors such as soil, weather conditions are taken into account and a final report is carried out.

Building inspection report consist the following points:

  • All the defects found by the building inspector during inspection, all the defects are carried out from exterior walls, internal walls, external roof, internal roof, external doors, internal doors, windows, floor and subfloor, etc.
  • Our inspectors give you the best advice about your defects that are found out in the report comparing it with a building of same structure or age.
  • Also all the advice are mentioned in the report along with the damages and defects.
  • If any damp is found in the building which may lead to any structural damage is mentioned along with any rusting fault on any object or spalling in concrete.