Building Inspection Services Melbourne

Building inspection is the process carried out by the experts to find the overall condition of your building right from the structural integrity to pest check or termite check to dilapidation report to overall building inspection. By carrying out this inspection you will be able to compare your building to other buildings of same age or structure and all the important decisions regarding demolition or excavation or construction can be decided.

We have team of expert professionals who have numerous years of experience who to carry out whole building inspection process. Whole inspection is conducted according to the Australian standards. Inspectors detect all the major problems in the building that they find out during the inspection. All the essential advice regarding the issues is provided to the client by our building inspectors and all the essential safety measures are mentioned in the report itself.

After the inspection is done you can easily plan the improvements you have been looking forward to or any demolition work. Building inspection makes you surer about your property and about the planning too. We have team of experts at Building And Pest Inspection who will give the best building inspection services in whole Melbourne.

Following points are covered while carrying out the inspection by the inspector:

  • Examination of complete interiors of your building.
  • Examination of complete exteriors of your building.
  • Area covering subfloor in your building.
  • Area covering roof in your building.
  • The exterior area of the roof in building.
  • The overall area of the site i.e. building.

The inspectors conducting the inspection will also give you a complete detailed report about the faults, damages, structural integrity and all the prevailing conditions of your property which needs to be worked on.

  • Each room is examined when report is prepared and all the defects are found out.
  • All the detailed information about electricity facilities, smoke alarms, fire alarms and also gas alarms are mentioned and details of all other electronic items that need to be taken care of.
  • All the problems and their solutions are mentioned in the report.

You can always contact us for any query regarding your report or for hiving the inspection for your building or property. Contact us today and we will be happy to serve you with nothing but best. You can contact us on our helpline number.