Dilapidation Report Melbourne

The dilapidation report is prepared to check the strength of the building and if the building can handle any construction or demolition work. Dilapidation report is prepared only by experts having experience of carrying out dilapidation report. Inspection of building is carried out before construction / demolition and even after construction / demolition. This helps in checking the strength of the building. At times, the neighbor buildings are even inspected if any construction work takes place.

All the essential details about the report such as measurement of the building, all the notes by the inspector about the building that need to be taken care of, all the photographic reports, and all the diagrams of building. All these things are combined and a dilapidation report is created.

Dilapidation report is a legal document and is signed by both the parties i.e. the inspector who carries out the inspection and also the client who hires the building inspector. Also this report stands as a legal proof if any one claims their damage against your building construction / demolition. Also a document is signed by the client before the report is conducted stating that they agree on the current condition of the building that is mentioned already in the document. After all these documentations the inspection is carried out.

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