Pest Inspection Melbourne

Pests can be very dangerous for you as well as for your property. It can be very dangerous for kids as pests spread a lot of diseases. Pests are created by any fungal decay in the property or through any type of timber pest. In such circumstances, property is highly damaged by them and also the furniture. Hence it is advisable to carry out a pest inspection by a professional expert at least once in a year. At Building And Pest Inspection Melbourne we provide the best pest inspection service by our professional experts who have hands on experience on the properties of Melbourne.

If you are buying a new property or you already owe one it is advisable to get a pest inspection on your property done. This makes you stress free regarding your property and you become surer that you dwell in a safe and clean environment. Even after rains and after any weather change fungus can be developed due to reactions and thus the diseases are spread. To avoid this, it is essential to get a pest inspection done. After the building inspection if pests in your property are found our experts give you the entire suggestions or control measures.

Following are the details mentioned in pest inspection report:

  • This inspection finds out all the basic faults in your property such as poor structural integrity, and all the pests detected in roof void, roofs, floors, subfloors etc or pests in any external or internal region of the property.
  • This report helps in finding out different types of pests in your property.
  • Along with the fungal pests this inspection also finds out the timber pests which are even dangerous or your home as they infect the wood and destroy all your expensive wooden furniture.
  • Along with the pest details this report also contains all the legal and necessary advice that is suggested by our licensed inspectors.
  • Our building inspectors give you the further guidance if pests are detected in your property and all the further references for its control are given.