Pool Inspections Reports Melbourne

According to the new rule by Australian government, it is mandatory for every private owner or leaser to get a Pool Safety Certificate and conduct pool inspection. Whether you are a private property owner or you are going to buy a new property or already living in a rented home it is compulsory for all to have a pool inspection test done and get a pool safety certificate and in any circumstances if any one fails to get the certificate it becomes legally offensive and according fine is to be paid by the person. Also not getting pool inspection done might lead in delay of selling or buying the property or even renting the property without the pool safety certificate could lead to problems.

Circumstances one has to face if Pool Safety Certificate is not carried out:

  • If you own the property (Owner): If you are the owner of the property and you do not have the pool safety certificate it will create delay in selling process. It is mandatory for every house owner to get the pool safety check done. Also fine can be charged in case pool safety certificate is not carried out. The selling process can be delayed for 90-100 days if the certificate is missing.
  • If you are the landlord: You can’t give your property on rent to anyone before getting the pool inspection and pool safety certificate.
  • If you are the body corporate: If body corporate want to sell or rent any property it is mandatory for them to get the pool safety certificate.

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