Pre Purchase Building Inspection Melbourne

We are aware how much you have wished for that one dream property and all the hustle you have gone through to get it. It is very essential to get the building inspection for your property done. Having a building inspection done not only makes you surer about your property but also makes you tension free about the property you are going to buy. At Building And Pest Inspection Melbourne we have team of professionals who have many years of experience in this field and all the required equipment for your inspection. Having a pre purchase inspection is always advised to avoid all the future damages.

Following are the issues found out during the inspection:

Main focus during the pre purchase building inspection is on the structural integrity and all the focus is laid on structural integrity because that is the most important part to be taken care of while inspection of a new property.

Main pointers are:

  • Any issue with the foundation or structural integrity is found.
  • All the factors that causes structural weakness such as weather, pests or any surrounding issue is found out.
  • All the inspection process is conducted in accordance with Australian Standards.

The structural damage can lead to expensive repair works and thus it is essential to hire the professionals to get the check done at the initial level itself. At Building And Pest Inspection Melbourne, we have team of all the experts who will help you out with your inspection process with most affordable rates.

Australian government has assigned a new rule according to which it is mandatory to have a pool safety inspection done and get a pool safety certificate without which no further construction could be conducted.

  • Damages found in the property you are going to buy will clear the idea of buying it or not.
  • All the repairing costs could be found out.
  • This inspection will let you know about the foundation and structural integrity of the property.

You can contact us for the further details about pre purchase inspection and to get the most affordable rates in Melbourne. After the inspection we send you the reports within 24 hours, so you can be surer about the property you are going to buy. Hurry, Call us today!!