Building And Pest Inspection QA

1. Is the building inspection necessary?

Yes, by hiring an expert for your inspection all the defects and damages for your property are detected which you might not know about. Also, by inspection all the future damages can be avoided.

2. Do you perform inspection on new properties too?

Yes, the process is conducted on the new build properties too as all the minor structural defects can be found out and resolved. So all the defects can be fixed at the initial stages and it doesn’t affect the property’s value at the time of sale.

3. How much time does the inspection process takes?

We generally complete the inspection after 48 hours of confirmation from your end and after the completion of inspection we send the building reports to you within 24 hours of inspection.

4. Can I be around my property during the inspection?

Of course you can stay in the property during the inspection.

5. Can I stay in touch with the inspector who conducted inspection of my property?

Yes you can stay in touch with your inspector and can have conversation for any doubt or query you have regarding the inspection.

6. Is Building And Pest Inspection licensed?

Yes, we do have all the required inspection licenses and all the inspectors working with us are also highly qualified and licensed so you can be rest assured about us.

7. Is the building inspection process expensive?

Not at all! We at Building And Pest Inspection Melbourne are providing highly affordable services for all types of inspections whether it is a small pest inspection or overall building inspection process.

8. What is the process of booking an inspection?

You can book our services by calling us on our helpline number or else you can email us the details and we will get back to you or even you can fill up the enquiry form available in the contact us page or you can directly come to our office to meet us.

9. Do you provide photographic reports?

Yes we do provide photographic reports as well.

10. How will I receive my reports?

You will get the reports with 24 hours of building inspection and all the details you will receive through email and we do provide hardcopies on request which are chargeable.