Strata Inspection Report Melbourne

A report in which all the financial matters of the building are mentioned is called Strata Inspection Report. All the details about the building and its management matters and all the building issues of past are mentioned. The entire future plans of improvement are mentioned in this report. Whatever is planned for the building in future, any construction or demolition work or excavation work planned is already mentioned in this report.

Essential questions that are raised during the report are as follows:

  • Are all the special taxes paid?
  • Are any major improvements in the building planned or currently taking place?
  • What is the budget tax / budget levy and how much of that is due?
  • What is the current fund that is available in building corporate account?
  • Are any building defects known already?
  • Is there any current insurance policy taken and if yes, up to what value?
  • If there is any compensation insurance for workers taken?

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