Thermal Imaging Inspection Melbourne

Thermal imaging inspection is an advanced process used to find all the hidden fungal and timber pests. Thermal imaging is carried out by thermal imaging camera which helps finding all the hidden and stubborn pests which are not easily found out through normal process. The places where no exposure of light is there or places where it is impossible to reach, from all these places the pests are found. This inspection helps to find all the pests that are present but out of our reach making your home safer and more comfortable to live in.

This process is used in advanced building inspection. Person having experience in conducting this inspection is only hired to get the inspection done. At Building And Pest Inspection Melbourne each and every inspector is well trained to carry out this inspection and also we are completely well equipped with all the tools and latest gadgets to carryout your inspection.

Thermal Imaging inspection is mainly carried out in the home or property that is completely made of bricks where pests couldn’t be seen through naked eyes or through normal process. Our experts have hands on experience and complete exposure to the properties of Melbourne. You can completely rely on us for all the inspection services.

Following are some advantages of using thermal imaging inspection:

  • This process doesn’t harm the property at all is completely safe.
  • Compared to other process this process is east, fast and more effective.
  • All the hidden nests for baiting are found in this inspection.
  • Combining this inspection with other inspections can lead to a very accurate and affordable and effective pest inspection.

Following are the inspection’s conclusion:

  • Finding the non presence of insulation on inner walls and ceilings.
  • All the wall leaks are detected in this inspection.
  • Any faulty electric wiring is found in this inspection.
  • All the leaks in plumbing layout of home are found out.
  • All the damps on walls and floors are found out.

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